HR Trend Talks, an event dedicated to Human Resource Professionals

On 29 November 2018 (SAVE THE DATE!) the first HR TREND TALKS, organized by SkyLab Italia in collaboration with In-recruiting and EggUp, will be held in Turin.

It will be an interesting day of discussion of HR issues and the technological trends that support HR growth and development.

The event (with a limited number of participants) will be completely market free, and will consist of a sharing of information and experiences in the HR sector. It will be gamified by Synesthesia, a dynamic Turin-based company represented by the gaming expert, Marco Mazzaglia.

For SkyLab Italia it is an opportunity to challenge the giants with which it already successfully competes on the market. To challenge them with an event designed to inspire, divulge and – why not – thrill at the same time.

Why take part?

  • To share information, ideas and experiences with the protagonists of the HR sector;
  • To create synergistic relations and do networking;
  • To find out how to integrate the new technologies, while maintaining a human touch.

The event is dedicated to HR Directors, HR Managers, Recruiting Managers, Training Managers and CEOs.

Why not join us?