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    The Health & Safety Management System

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  • Together EXCALIBUR
    Health & Safety Management System

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Together Excalibur, the health and safety management software


End-to-end governance of health and safety compliances

Excalibur is the cloud solution dedicated to end-to-end management of the requested actions aimed to satisfy corporate compliances concerning health and safety.

It offers a 360° approach to handle top management’s requests and daily operational requirements raised by specialists and HSE experts.

Together Excalibur, il software per la sicurezza sul lavoro
Together Excalibur - Tutela del lavoratore e datore di lavoro

Integrated H&S management system to protect employees and employers

Excalibur helps to manage issues related to the health and safety at work that might occur in personnel exposed to risks connected to the company activities.

It is designed to protect top management and employers through the management of HSEQ operational processes.

Management of HSE organizational structure and roles

The definition of the company organizational structure and the determination of positions and roles are related to corporate targets and business strategies.

Health and safety organizational structure depends on the type of activities, on the company geography and on the consequent risk evaluation.

Excalibur allows to connect these two structures, in order to guarantee an automated management of the changes and personnel movement.

Together Excalibur - Gestione organizzazione hse
Together Excalibur - Gestione documentale e dematerializzazione

Document management and dematerialization

Excalibur allows secure archiving and research of documents related to HSE activity (statement for fitness for work, risk assessment document, laws, rules, procedures and company practices, etc.).

Moreover, it enables paper dematerialization by using the graphometric signature ensuring immutability, preservation and controlled browsing.

Continuous evolution

Excalibur is subject to continuous functional developments in accordance with market and law changes.
In collaboration with H&S professionals, it adapts to laws, guidelines and regulations updates, e.g. DL 81/08, DL 231/01, OHSAS18001:2007 and ISO9001:2008.

Together Excalibur - DL81/08, DL231/01, OHSAS18001:2007, ISO9001:2008

Together Excalibur is a complete and modular system that helps to manage all the HSE (health, safety, environment) processes.

Organization and resources management

The system allows to monitor employees (either imported from the HR system or entered manually) under the employer’s responsibility.

It is possible to monitor changes and manage historical data.

Together Excalibur - Gestione dei lavoratori
Together Excalibur - Gestione nomine incarichi HSE

Assignments management

The process allows to manage assignments related to the HSEQ organizational model (health & safety manager, assistant to HSE manager, emergency manager, etc.).

To each position are associated:
• specific risks
• personal protective equipment – PPE
• mandatory training (integration with Together Jazz system)
• specific health surveillance and medical checks

Health surveillance

The health surveillance process is aimed to protect the employer and employees in accordance with regulations by:
complete management of the personal health record
• creation and archiving of all the medical documents and attachments
historicizing of all medical information, employer’s changing, performed medical examinations, health protocols, etc.
automation and monitoring of suitability expiration dates as well as the subsequent management of outgoing visit convocation emails
• the employer can see the list of employees whose suitability is about to expire/already expired, not concluded or suspended medical check-ups, using graphic dashboards and specific report documents
secure access to data, obtained through the management of user profiling (summoner, H&S manager, doctor, etc.)

Together Excalibur - Sorveglianza sanitaria
Together Excalibur - Valutazione del rischio DVR

Risk assessment management

The module allows the complete and recurring risk assessment for all the employees.
In details it allows:
• to create the list of the risks identified by the H&S manager
• to manage homogeneous risk groups of employees exposed to the same risks
• to identify risks related to any level of the organizational structure
to evaluate the risk according to configurable risk assessment scales
• to manage calendars and schedules of the evaluation activities
• to automatically generate the risk assessment document with customizable layout and content
historization in the SGSSL archive of the risk assessments
risk assessment for operational employees who work in different sites (external activities/construction sites)

Buildings technical surveillance management

Excalibur platform offers a tool that helps to manage the buildings compliance through:
• the rationalization and the simplification of a catalogue of legal obligations
• the definition and management of an equipment catalogue
• the correlation of the fulfillments to the equipment
• the management of the scheduled obligations
• the management of the auditing activities
Operational tools allow to manage efficiently the activities of global outsourcer and third-party companies in charge of periodic inspections, tracking accurately the working progress.

Together Excalibur - Sorveglianza tecnica
Together Excalibur - Infortuni emergenze near miss

HSE events management (accidents at work, emergencies, near miss)

The module allows to classify and track any kind of event (accidents at work, near miss, emergencies).

It allows to connect the event to the risk that possibly have caused it and permit to update INAIL (National Institute for the Prevention of Accidents at Work), ASL (Local Health Service), PPSS, SPP (Prevention and Protection Service) procedures, documents and archives.

Moreover the module provides the real-time calculation of INAIL statistics with theoretical and real indexes (UNI 7249).

Training and information management

The module allows, through the integration with the Together Jazz system, to manage training related to health and safety.

After the definition of the training plans (variable according to the role, the job, risks, etc.) it is possible to monitor the scheduling of the courses by alarms and notifications.

Together Excalibur - Gestione Formazione e Informazione
Together Excalibur - Dpi dispositivi di protezione individuali

PPE Management

Excalibur platform offers a module to manage compliance regarding personal protective equipment
This tool allows:
• to rationalize and simplify the PPE definition
• to determine mandatory devices for employees related to the activity performed and to manage the assignment of PPE
• to manage storages and provisions
Numerous functions of graphical analysis are offered in order to simplify the monitoring activities. Thanks to these functions the manager can control the state of progress of the activities within the deadlines.

Safety supervisors management

The platform allows the supervisors to visualize, for each coordinated employee, the-state-of-the-art regarding:
associated risks
• situation of fitness for work, regulations and limitations
equipment and PPE
effectiveness of the training supplied

Together Excalibur - Controllo del rischio
Together Excalibur - Repository documentale

HSE document management system

The document management system is targeted to gather in one environment (repository) all the documents generated and acquired by the employees working in HSE. Moreover it archives documentation generated automatically by the Excalibur platform, using the integrated models embedded  into the platform.

Structure and Functionalities
Excalibur is a customizable and easy to integrate platform. It allows to design, to implement, to document and to maintain processes necessary to satisfy mandatory and voluntary compliance in accordance with current regulations:
Legislative Decree81/08, Legislative Decree231/01, OHSAS18001:2007, ISO9001:2008.

Together Excalibur - Struttura e Funzionalità


It is the back-office portal dedicated to HSE corporate users who are responsible for the configuration processes and users profiling.

It is the operational portal dedicated to the H&S Manager / ASPP, HSE staff and to the Buildings Technical Surveillance Manager which allows to set up, manage and check the activities in respect of the HSE compliance.

It is the self service portal dedicated to all employees, managers, HSE supervisors and the employer that allows to see and monitor information connected to HSE processes (display of health records, fitness for work, deadlines connected to health surveillance, training).

It is the operational portal dedicated to medical doctors, paramedics staff and health desk to manage and monitor obligations connected to the medical surveillance (management of medical examination schedule, medical examination reports, verifications, labs management and external health care facilities).

It is a proprietary and dedicated layer for the bidirectional integration with external systems in order to allow the perfect alignment with the corporate information systems and the quality of the data available on Excalibur platform.

It allows to build, publish and share standard reports. It contains all basic information necessary to carry out data analysis.

Together Excalibur - Vantaggi

protection of employers and top management in accordance with mandatory and voluntary obligations related to health and safety at work
monitoring of managing and operative processes
archiving of actions performed to safeguard health and safety of employees in compliance with law regulations
management and monitoring of safety costs coming from medical expenses, training, individual protection equipment and from the maintenance of plants and equipment allocated on the property assets
• simplification of the operational processes thanks to the integration with corporate information systems
reduction of times spent on repetitive and scarce added value activities
• real contribution to the Corporate Social Responsibility through effective safety and health policies dedicated to employees
• creation of new best practices in HSE area


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