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    Human Resources Process Oriented

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Together HR, the HRM software


Governance end-to-end of the process

Together HR is an integrated HRM software. It allows to access all the information related to the staff management, ensuring the alignment with external legacy systems (e.g. payroll systems and time & attendance).
Together HR supports operational and administrative management activities and the executive functions, aimed at control objectives and staff development.

Together Hr - Il software per la gestione delle risorse umane
Together Hr - Modello di integrazione

Integration model

Together HR considers different ways of integration, in order to be adapted better to customers’ systems and their requirements.

Master configuration manages company’s staff data and supplies external legacy systems. It receives in return costs and T&A flows.

Slave configuration receives demographic records and the organization from the external legacy systems. Data received is used by Together HR as a base for the management of strategic and developmental processes.

Self service

Self service allows the participation of managers and employees in operational processes through the following functionalities:

• can access to his/her personal data
• communicates possible changes to the HR (e.g. change of residence, banking data)
• can display his/her personal and current evaluation and send a feedback to the manager
• he/she can access to the personal evaluation archive

• can access to his/her collaborators personal data
• can fill in and approve the evaluation records according to his/her role
• can access to training courses attended by his/her collaborators
• can define the training plan at the end of the evaluation process
• can display his/her collaborator’s schedule (suspensions, contracts expirations/trial periods)

Together Hr - Self service

Together HR is a complete, modular and adaptable to external systems solution for administrative and strategic management of the personnel.


It supports the customer at all the recruiting stages (analysis, research, selection and recruitment of the candidate).

It allows to access company’s uncovered positions in a simple and direct manner and carry out a preliminary analysis of the candidate characteristics and the organizational context needs.

By means of publication of targeted advertisements and supported by a wide CVs repository (supplied by external legacy systems or directly by the candidates themselves through the self-service), it allows to identify the shortlist of suitable candidates, subjects of interest.

For each person subject to an interview, it supervises the progress of the process, that ends with the hiring of a candidate.

Together Hr - Recruiting
Together Hr - Gestione anagrafica

Personal data management

By means of the personal data sheets it allows to access to all the employee’s information, by master configuration (native data) as well as by slave configuration (data related to compensation received through payroll, T&A, training, HSE data etc.).

It allows to display the entire history of the employee (career advancements, contract variations, dismissals and re-hiring).

It allows to extract the company curriculum in a customizable format and it gives the chance to attach any document that is a part of the personal dossier.

Administrative processes

The system includes a set of guided procedures for the personnel management, able to facilitate the activity of the user who wants to insert information into the system.

Data quality is guaranteed by formal and functional checks that verify their accuracy and coherence.

The module is completed by a reporting and notification integrated system that allows to generate specific documents and letters to support processes under management.

Together Hr - Processi amministrativi
Together Hr - Gestione organizzazione

Organization management

Together HR considers the management of all aspects of the organizational structure (headcount, organizational chart, connection with the management control) and is integrated into administration processes in order to simplify and guide positioning of the personnel.

Using the available functionalities makes it possible to define the following:
• organizational units and their connections
• roles and positions of responsibility (that supplies the company organizational chart and that serve as a base of the job system)
• cost centers for allocation and costs supervision

A tree diagram allows the user to move intuitively within the company organizational structure, building customized views (according to the role, the hierarchical structure, etc.)

It is possible to access a wide variety of monitoring reporting that is customizable according to the customer needs (schedules, headcount, turnover rate, costs analysis).

Job system

Together HR makes available for human resources professionals a set of functionalities to define the company job system.

These functionalities allow:
• to identify professional areas and roles map
• to define the detailed job descriptions for each role
• to group skills that define the requirements of the professional positions taken into account

Together Hr - Job system
Together Hr - Valutazione performance

Evaluation process

Development and evaluation processes are tailored according to the customer needs. All procedural aspects (management of the initiative according to evaluators and people to evaluate, forms distribution, process monitoring, reporting, link with remuneration and training policies) are managed through the portal.

The processes under supervision are:
• performance evaluation
• skills evaluation
• MBO management (Management By Objectives)


It is possible to define the effect of the evaluation and development processes on remuneration policies, the possible connections with company results (internal equity) and remuneration benchmark data or weighing of roles/positions (external competitiveness).

Together Hr - Compensation

Structure and Performance
Together HR is customizable and can be integrated with company systems platform; it permits to manage all processes connected with the employees management.

Together Hr - Struttura e funzionalità


It is the back-office portal dedicated to the operational management of processes connected with human resources management. It allows to the department representatives to complete all administrative functions, to set up and to monitor processes enabled for the customer (skills evaluation/performance, MBO etc.).

It is the Self Service portal that allows employees and managers to access all company functionalities. It ensures the full participation in the processes.

A proprietary and dedicated layer aimed at bidirectional integration with external systems that allows the perfect alignment with the company information systems and the quality of the data available in Together HR.

It allows to build, publish and distribute standard reports. The portal can be centrally managed or left open to be used by the users online in order to facilitate the autonomous extraction and analysis of data.

Together Hr - Vantaggi

• Native interface towards payroll
• Easy integration with external systems
• Possibility to merge business and HR data
• Greater efficiency in administrative processes management
Complete organizational management that also interconnects all the other company processes
• Possibility to deploy the company job system
• Value-added processes management (skills evaluation, management by results, etc.)
• Full visibility and control of data through powerful tools of analysis and reporting
Involvement of all participants through the self-service portal


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