• Together JAZZ
    The Extended Learning Management System

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  • Together JAZZ
    Extended Learning Management System

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Together Jazz, the LMS system for corporate training


End-to-end process governance

Together Jazz provides an integrated tool for managing end-to-end training processes supporting all involved stakeholders in activity planning, operational management, delivery, accounting  and  control. 

Together Jazz - Training management process
Together Jazz - Innovative on-line training delivery methods

Innovative on-line training delivery methods

Flipped Classroom (FC) is the new module of the Jazz platform for planning and delivering on-line courses that overcomes the limitations of the current e-learning systems. FC enables you to create modular courses with the possibility of using on-line contents in any format and in an integrated manner (video, webinar, internal communication tools, internet resources, SCORM, etc.) supporting the teaching activity with advanced collaboration and gamification functions.

Management of faculty trainers

Faculty is the portal for internal and external trainers that contains all the suite modules. It allows to: 

manage the trainers’ community (internal and external)

manage “trainers training” to certify their internal faculty

create communities for the area, field or specific projects

enable the trainers to access the information they need (e.g. documentation, exercises, programmes, etc..)

enable the trainers evaluation and ranking processes linked to reward policies

allow the trainers to share the study materials and collaborate on the creation of them

Together Jazz - Smart solutions

Smart Solutions

This module includes a new set of services for training activities using mobile (tablets and smartphones) and digital signage (monitors, interactive whiteboards and totems) devices. The Smart Solutions broaden the services offered by the Together Jazz suite and/or allows access to the web services from mobile devices. This module includes the Mobile-Classroom solution that enables classroom activities to be managed using tablets that can be integrated with the back-office systems and the devices present in the classroom (e.g. e-boards, video conferences, etc.).

Together Jazz is a complete, modular system that ensures a proper management of all the processes that are part of personnel training.

Budget management

Budget activity allows to constantly monitor spendings and compare estimates, planning and final balance of the training activities. Several budget lines and/or initiatives can be defined according to how spending is to be monitored. Each budget line can be set within the organizational structure to the desired depth.
The budget can be compiled in top-down, bottom-up or mixed mode, involving the local and line managers. The authorization workflow can also be personalized for single budget lines.

Together Jazz - Budget management
Together Jazz - Training plans

Training plans

Using the Training Matrix, the required training of all areas of the company can be structured and defined.
The manager will elaborate the personal training plans on the basis of this requirement.
A personalized authorization flow may also be associated with the training plans.

Self service

All employees will have a self-service portal to:
• manage their training plan (registration in Self-Service)
• manage their training calendar
• gain access to classroom course information and material
• gain access to the on-line courses
• interact with course managers, instructors and other participants
• manage authorization requests (also for external training)
• manage training plans for their collaborators

Together Jazz - Self service
Together Jazz - Backoffice


The backoffice portal can be used to control all the training management and planning aspects including:
• Catalogue management
• Project or new initiative management
• Edition planning
• Logistics management
• Operational reporting
• Financed training management
• External training management
• Supplier management
• Accounting

Support to managers

Jazz allows to actively involve local managers, HR business partners as well as those in charge of specific sector that requires special training (e.g. compliance or HSE). Through the utilization of dedicated to them portal, they can be involved into the process of budget and training plan definition and be supported in the management and monitoring of the training activities for their population (e.g. a department) and/or their reference sector (e.g. HSE training).

Together Jazz - Support
Together Jazz - Accounting


Jazz permits full management of suppliers and customers and associated accounting cycles (receivable and payable).
Integration with the ERP system enables the accounting transactions (e.g. orders, incoming goods, invoicing) to be managed directly from Jazz within the life cycle of the single edition.

Structure and Functionality
Jazz is a customizable platform that can be integrated with the company systems to manage all the processes involved in personnel training. The solution provides an integrated tool for the end-to-end management of processes and assistance with the planning, managing, training, accounting and control activities in support of all the participants involved.

Jazz combines all the functions necessary to extend all the processes and training delivery in a single system so as to get maximum benefit in terms of ROI and operational efficiency on both the central and local levels.

Together Jazz - Structure and Functionality

The portals

This backoffice portal is designed for corporate users responsible for the governance, planning and control of all the processes involved in training (e.g. HR-training unit or Corporate University).

This portal was designed to allow HR managers to govern and control the training activities in their area of responsibility and to participate actively in the processes in which they are involved (e.g. local budget, internal training, single projects). It also enables the peculiar features of the area managed to be configured in such a way as to respond to local needs.

This self-service portal allows all employees to manage their training plan, registration and participation in courses and gain access to all related functions (e.g. e-learning, tests, learning questionnaires, certificates). Managers can use it to manage their collaborators, including the initiative authorization and governance processes. It provides access to the training offer published and all historical information useful to employees and managers. The portal can also be used to manage and keep track of all training activities, from catalogue-based to external training, from in-house training to on-the-job training. The self-service functions can be activated from mobile devices or integrated with the company’s intranet portals.

This portal is designed for trainers and planners to manage the internal faculty, the course planning activities and the sector communities through which the instructors of a given area can interact and collaborate with one another. Through the portal, the trainers can access their courses/sessions to manage the information they need (e.g. materials, exercises, programmes), interact with the course participants and, optionally, fill in the electronic register (function also available on the mobile device). The centralization of all the trainers and related information (e.g. teaching hours, feedback, materials produced) on the system supports assessment and ranking processes and reward policies for which there are specific functions on the portal. The portal can also be used to manage “trainers training” courses for certifying the internal faculty.

A proprietary and dedicated layer for two-way integration of external systems so as to permit full alignment with the corporate information systems and the quality of the data present on Jazz.

According to their field of operation, Jazz users can access a data warehouse containing all the information available for reporting and data analysis on the most significant analytical parameters.
The system includes a set of standard reports and gives users the possibility of creating and publishing new ones.
The reports published can be implemented automatically on the basis of a schedule and sent by e-mail to predetermined groups of recipients according to the company’s needs.

Together Jazz - Advantages

• Governance of the entire training process on a single system
Efficiency of all operational processes
Full involvement of all the participants through the 4 front-end portals
Innovative on-line training delivery models with the possibility of using existing or external contents
Saving in the design of on-line contents and courses
Full support for the operational delivery activities
• Management of the instructor faculty integrated with the planning and delivery processes
• Full visibility and control of training data
• Efficiency in accounting management (payable and receivable cycle) through integration with the ERP systems
Glocal training management processes
• Management of all types of training (catalogue, project, internal and external)


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