The cloud solution dedicated to human resources management

Processes managed


It supports the customer in all phases of the recruiting process (analysis, search, selection and recruitment of the candidate).

It is used to gain simple and direct access to vacant company jobs and to conduct a preliminary analysis of the characteristics of the candidate and the needs of the organization.

Through the publication of targeted advertisements and the support of a large curriculum repository (fed by the external legacy systems or directly in self-service by the candidates themselves), it identifies the group of candidates of interest.

For every candidate interviewed, it monitors the progress of the process, offering the possibility of involving internal resources in the assessment and choice of the candidate.

HR – Processes managed

Personnel database management

Through the personal records, it provides access to all the information about the employee, both in master mode (native data) and in slave mode (pay data received from payroll, attendance, training, H&S data, etc.).

It is used to view the employee’s entire history (promotions, changes of contract, terminations and re-hiring).

It enables the company curriculum to be extracted in personalizable format and any documents making up the personal file to be attached.

HR – Processes managed

Operational management

Together is used to manage all aspects of the organizational structure (headcount, organization chart, link with management control) integrated with the administration processes, so as to simplify and guide staff placement.

Its functions enable the user to define:

  • organizational units and links between them
  • roles and positions of responsibility (which feed the company’s organization chart and will be the base of the job system)
  • cost centres for the splitting up and control of costs

A tree diagram enables the user to move through the organizational structure in a user-friendly way, setting personalized views (by the role, hierarchical structure, etc.)

Access can be made to a broad range of standard reports that can be customized on the basis of the customer’s needs (activity schedules, headcounts, turnover trends, cost analysis).

HR – Processes managed

Job System

Together provides human resource managers with a series of functions for defining the company’s job system.

These functions can be used to:

  • identify professional areas and a map of the roles
  • define the detailed job descriptions of each role
  • associate the skills that define the requirements of the professional figures considered

Assessment processes

The development and assessment processes are calibrated according to the customer’s needs. All aspects of the processes (initiative management to assessing and assessed individuals, provision of records, process monitoring, reporting, link with compensation policies and training) are managed from the portal.

The processes managed are:

  • performance assessment
  • skill assessment
  • MBO (Management by Objectives)
  • career plan (training courses and job rotation)


The impact of the assessment and development process on compensation policies can be defined, together with any relationships with business results (internal equity) and the benchmark pay data or weighting of roles/positions (external competitiveness).