The cloud solution for employee learning


End to end process governance

Together is the cloud solution for end to end management of all the processes related to employee learning.
It provides decentralized features with a complete, smart tool capable of taking over the processes at a local level, guaranteeing distribution of the operations and governance at the corporate level.

Learning – Overview


Governance of the entire training process using a single system
Efficiency in all operational processes
Full involvement of the players through 4 front-end portals
Innovative on-line training models with the possibility of using existing or external contents
Saving in the design of contents and on-line pathways
Complete support for operational delivery activities
Instructor faculty management integrated with the design and delivery processes
Full visibility and control of the learning data
Efficiency in accounting management (passive and active cycle) through integration with the ERP systems
“Glocal” management of the training processes
Control over all types of training (catalogue, project, internal, external)

Innovative on-line training methods

Together supports collaborative training course design.
It enables classical sources and resources coming from the web, used in any format and in an integrated manner (video, webinar, SCORM, TedTalks, URL, white paper, online report, etc.) to be collected in a content repository integrated with the company’s assets.
It enables the limitations of the current e-learning systems to be overcome by creating modular pathways. It supports teaching with advanced gamification functions.

Smart solution

Smart Solutions constitute the set of solutions offered by Together for managing major learning events, organized using mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) and digital signage devices (monitors, blackboards, totems).
They also support access to web services using mobile devices, by broadening the channels and the methods of on-line learning and creating advanced corporate learning courses.
They also allow human resource development programs conforming to the highest technological standards to be designed.
They can also be used to manage entirely digital classroom events (app, poll live, QR code, NFC).

Learning – Overview