The cloud solution for occupational health and safety management


End to end governance

Together is the cloud solution for advanced Occupational Health and Safety management through automation of the processes and the actions necessary to satisfy all the applicable mandatory and optional requirements and operational implementation of the decision-making processes promoted by the employer and spread through direct involvement of the entire organizational structure.

It supports the implementation of the management requirements imposed by:
• Legislative decree no. 81/08 and subsequent amendments and additions
• Legislative decree no. 231/01 and subsequent amendments and additions
• OHSAS 18001:2007/ISO 45001:2018

Safety – Overview


Together enables the user to structure Safety management, making all the process monitoring data converge into a single, permanently up-to-date container, thus making it easier to monitor closely the activities protecting all the profiles involved.

In addition to accurate, effective and up-to-date management of all the necessary processes, Together helps to increase awareness of the importance of Safety:

• involving all the roles in the use of the platform
• providing an immediate and easily accessible view of all the relevant data, also from mobile devices.

Together complies with the requirements of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) and:

reduces the risk of economic damage due to the greater process control and consequent lower risk of accidents occurring and saving on social/substitution/legal/insurance costs /…

optimizes the economic management of operational costs (maintenance, health surveillance, training, PPE,…) and investment costs (identification of prospective budget needs and the reporting of property changes, also on a long-term basis, due to the possibility of making budget projections and detailed balances)

reduces the operating risk for technical inefficiency of vehicles and equipments, loss of production, accidents caused by a lack of time and economic planning of operations.

supports the management processes (decision-making), due to the expansion of the database available for measuring the performance and increasing the company’s adaptability to changes made to the organization/management/operations to pursue strategic and market objectives

In short, by facilitating and improving the management of complex problems, Together increases the level of attention and commitment of companies in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility through an effective and up-to-date implementation of the workers’ health and safety policies and real-time adaptation to all the operational changes made (Change Management).

Safeguarding of workers, top management and the stakeholders’ interests

Together is a tool for safeguarding workers, the employer and corporate governance.

Satisfies the needs of all company staff

Satisfies the need for prompt availability of data for management, the Supervisory body and internal audits

Supports the daily operation of the health and safety service or other corporate functions concerned, including HR

Efficient and effective management of ‘large volumes’

Together supports the management of extremely complex issues due to the large number of workers and workplaces to be monitored, also in relation to the geographical extension of the company’s property and the frequent reallocation of staff between the various sites.

This is made possible by advanced automation of the data calculation (and management) processes.

Together returns continually updated situations, thus guaranteeing the accuracy of the data consulted, reducing errors and costs for the manual adaptation of systems and avoiding fragmentation of the database distributed between the various data controllers.

Permanently up to date roles and job descriptions

The definition of the organizational structure in hierarchical lines enables the human capital to be brought into line with the business objectives and strategies.

On the contrary, the Health and Safety structure is subject to the nature of the activity carried out, the workplace assigned and the consequent risk assessment.

Together ensures communication between the two structures (HR & H&S), so as to allow their integrated monitoring and automated management, thus ensuring a continual, real-time update of the changes and movements that have taken place: for example, job changes, new recruitments, the presence of more than one organization or more than one employer.

Safety – Overview

KPIs and real-time dashboards

Together Excalibur satisfies monitoring needs at all levels, supporting the formulation and calculation of customized indexes and differentiated dashboards, always up to date and available for consultation at any time from a mobile phone or PC.

Authorized accesses and document dematerialization

Together is the basic tool for organizing and storing information, in relation to the confidentiality of the information and the need for dematerialization of hard copy archives.

This is done, on the one hand, through well-organized and easily accessible filing and, on the other, through the modulation of access to the information and documents, according to the level of authorization and skill mapped for the user.

For each of the Together modules, the filing and viewing of the information using filters, their updating in real time, the extraction of data in editable format, the attribution of implementation responsibilities and the activation of alerts are also available.

Safety – Overview

Deadlines always in the foreground

The Together Excalibur functions can be used to keep a high level of attention on the deadlines of the activities on the platform, ensuring also the insertion of early deadlines so as to allow effective planning of the tasks, to be implemented at the final deadline of the activity.

Continual functional development

The Together Development team is made up of professionals extremely competent in IT & Safety issues.

This enables the platform to present itself as an environment in continual functional development and updated in the functions required, the sector management methods applied and the regulatory and optional requirements (such as the management systems).