The cloud solution for personnel management


End to end process governance

Together is the cloud solution for end to end governance of all processes related to personnel management. It supports the operational and administrative management activities and the management functions with control and development objectives, ensuring alignment with external legacy systems (e.g. payroll and attendance systems).

HR – Overview


  • Native interface with payroll
  • Possibility of combining business data with HR data
  • Greater efficiency in database management
  • Complete operational management interfaced with all the other company processes
  • Possibility of implementing the company’s job system
  • Management of value-added processes (skill evaluation, management by results, etc.)
  • Full visibility and control of the data through powerful analytical and reporting tools
  • Involvement of all players using the self service portal
  • Simplicity of integration with external systems

Integration model

Together uses several methods of integration, to better adapt to the customers’ systems and needs.

In master mode, it manages the data of the company staff and feeds the external legacy systems. It receives the flows on costs and attendance in return.

In slave mode, it receives databases and organization from the external legacy systems. The data received are treated on Together as a base for managing the strategic and development processes.

HR – Overview

Self service

The Self service involves managers and employees in the operational processes through the following functions:


  • gain access to their own data
  • take part in the processes in which they are involved


  • gain access to the data of their collaborators
  • gain access to the company noticeboard in their capacity as employees; and to KPIs, analytics and dashboards of their resources in their role as managers
  • take part in the processes in which their collaborators are involved
HR – Overview