The extended learning management system

Processes managed

Together is a complete, modular extended learning management system used to manage all the processes associated with employee learning.

Teachers Faculty management

Manage the teachers’ community

Create the area or district communities or a specific project

Enable instructor evaluation and ranking processes linked to rewarding policies

Manage “supplier training” courses for certifying the internal faculty

Access the information for which one is responsible (e.g. documentation, drills, programs, etc.)

Share teaching materials and collaborate in their creation

Budget management

The budget function is used to monitor the estimation, planning and billing of the learning activities.
Several budget and project lines can be defined, by diversifying the control over costs and proceeds. Each budget line can be broken down in the organizational structure with the desired degree of detail.
The planning process can be carried out in top-down, bottom-up or mixed mode, involving local managers and the line.
The authorization workflow can be personalized at all levels.

Learning – Process managed

Training Plans and Training Matrix

Together uses Training Matrix to determine the learning requirement of all sectors of the company. Using matrices, it adapts the learning courses to the needs of each individual user, thus creating a training programme tailored to each individual and his/her needs.

The elaboration of the individual training plans supports the professional growth and development of the human resources, involving managers and employees in Self Service mode and enabling the progress of the activities to be monitored.

Each plan can be configured and completed by a customized authorization workflow.

The link between the training plans and the constraints imposed by the budget and the billing of the costs enables the planned and billed activities to be traced accurately.

Learning – Process managed

Self service

The Self Service involves managers and employees in decision-making and operational process associated with HR training.

They will be able to:

• gain access to the “on-track” corporate learning offer
• manage their own learning plan (signing up through Self Service)
• manage their learning schedule
• access the material and information about the classroom courses
• access the on-line courses
• interact with course managers, instructors and other students
• manage the requests for authorization (also for external learning) of their collaborators

Learning – Process managed

Back Office

The back office portal can be used to monitor and govern all the management and planning aspects of the learning activities, such as:

Catalogue management

Project or new procedure management

Edition planning

(classroom and on-line)

Registration and notification management

(email, push)

Logistics management

Operational reporting

Funded learning management

Delivery management


Support for managers

Together allows the involvement of local managers, whether HR Business Partners or managers of a specific sector with learning requirements (e.g. Legal Compliance or H&S).

A special portal (Work) can be used to involve them in the budget and training plan elaborating processes and support them in monitoring the activities for their population and/or their reference environment.


Together supports full management of suppliers, customers and the associated accounting cycles (active and passive).

Integration with the ERP system enables the accounting transactions (e.g. orders, goods acceptance, billing) to be managed within the life cycle of the single edition.

It can be used to manage the funding plans and closely monitor their progress (24/7).