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Together, the human resources management software

Why Together

Together is a solution developed entirely by SkyLab Italia that satisfies the customer’s needs in all areas associated with strategic personnel management.

Going beyond all systems and technologies, the exclusive Together working method is based on active customer involvement with prototype working steps that ensure full control of the scope of the project’s development.

Together, human resources management software

Together - The challenge

The challenge

To become a leading player in providing value-added personnel management solutions, using the Software as a Service model.

To build an HR management service that can be fully personalized on the basis of the needs expressed by the customer.

The mission

To go beyond the concept of ‘technology providers’ and become partners for the HR function

To help customers use our services with a view to finding concrete solutions

To share the customer’s needs and convert them into projects, systems and services

To go beyond technical support towards a full-spectrum support system for all the functions and actors involved

To become a proactive stakeholder for all customers

To make the difference with orientation towards Self Service. To ensure involvement of the line with value-added solutions that permit “glocal” HR process management.

The team

Together is made up of persons full of passion and enthusiasm for their work. Their experience and professionalism within the group enable us to offer innovative, diversified solutions capable of meeting every need, thus enabling our customers to successfully reach their goals through our services.

The internal organization oriented towards service provision is made up of the following teams:





Service model

The Together management systems guarantee continuous support for organizations, both from the functional and from the more strictly technical points of view, direct and with no intermediation.

The aim of the service management team is to maximize the business success of the customer for whom it works as a unique, reliable stakeholder.

Together - Service model

Training services

Private Cloud for Enterprise customers
Highly reliable services
Guaranteed and measured SLAs
Secure connections
Possibility of using the service from Internet / Intranet / VPN
Integration with company SSO
Delivery and release process management

Used to monitor all the flows and get details on the single message exchanged. All the data interchanged are filed and accessible when necessary for checks

The Skylab team and monitoring system are operative 24h a day and allow personalized service and alarm monitoring to be configured for each individual customer, guaranteeing an active approach to service optimization and incident management

Support services

First-level support on the use of the system for all end users  (resolution of ticket on first level > 85%)

Direct and designed for central users with a view to supporting them directly in the processes managed by the system to optimize the results obtained

For the services provided that can interface and communicate directly with the customer’s ICT

Support for integrations with the customer’s legacy systems capable of controlling and ensuring the current functioning of the flows and quality of the data